Laurie Simmons' THE MUSIC OF REGRET • performance by Molly Gabbard

September 22nd, 2018, at Bread & Salt
1955 Julian Ave., San Diego, CA 92113
Doors: 8pm
$7 Admission / $5 Members / $5 Beers / Cash Only

SPACE TIME is thrilled to present a screening of The Music of Regret by Laurie Simmons, along with a performance by San Diego artist Molly Gabbard.

Courtesy of Laurie Simmons and Salon 94, New York.

Laurie Simmons

This 35mm film grew out of distinct periods in Simmons's photographic work. Vintage child-craft puppets enact the pain and regret that erupt between two feuding families. A female ventriloquist dummy sings about the failures of attachment and communication to her five dummy suitors. Walking objects (including a gun, house and pocket watch) dance their encumbered hearts out for the privilege of being noticed.

A mini-musical in three acts starring Meryl Streep, Adam Guettel and the Alvin Ailey II dancers.

The Music of Regret. 2006. USA.

35mm film (transferred to HD CAM). 40 min.

Directed by Laurie Simmons

Cinematography by Ed Lachman ASC

Music by Michael Rohatyn

Lyrics by Laurie Simmons

Produced by Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, Donald Rosenfeld, Salon 94, and Performa 05 with RoseLee Goldberg.

Molly Gabbard is a San Diego based artist who utilizes women’s breasts to disorganize the viewer’s perception of the female body, and entice their attention. In EVERYDAY Titties, she has expanded on Western culture’s fantasies projected onto women’s breasts by exaggerating them in form and function to create a representational façade of female sexuality that is depicted in the performances of four drastic forms of women. The physical attributes of the characters imbue society’s “celebrated” breasts, yet the performances expose the intricate distress that has been rooted as a consequence of the attention on her breasts and the subsequent impact it has in her daily life. Collaborating with the character Big Jugs, San Diego based musicians Lauren Jones and Super Squirrel (Sarah Hankins) will perform a live score.