Deathbomb Arc showcase:

JPEGMAFIA • Lana Del Rabies • William Hutson •  Scrolls

November 10th, 2017, at BREAD & SALT.
1955 Julian Ave. San Diego, CA
Doors: 7 pm
$10 Admission / $5 Beer / Cash Only / All Ages

Space Time is pleased to present a night of experimental hip-hop, noise, sound installation, and video projections from artists on the Deathbomb Arc label.

"Our goal remains the same as it was when we started the label: To share bleeding edge music with as wide an audience as possible.  Hearing new approaches to arranging sound should be a fun adventure. The sound of Deathbomb Arc is constantly changing as explorers reach new frontiers. We invite you along on this exciting journey.

"Deathbomb Arc has had the honor to work with so many great musicians and groups; putting out some of the first music by acts such as clipping., Foot Village, Black Pus, Death Grips, Julia Holter, Signor Benedick The Moore, tik///tik, I.E., Captain Ahab."
– Text reprinted from Deathbomb Arc

"The world's full of fucked up shit. And music, which is supposed to be a form of protest, isn't much help at all: You've got your Drake songs, which lull you into spending your time complaining about text message threads, and you've got your Death Grips, which is just busy getting Reddit threads up in a tizzy. That's where JPEGMAFIA comes in.

"A recent transplant to Baltimore, JPEGMAFIA makes music that's explosive and boundary-pushing. His production is full of distorted sounds that rattle and decay, pushing at the boundaries of what's comfortable to listen to, and he raps in modes that shift from sing-song, heavily processed sonic experiments to pure shouting, his lyrics landing like Molotov cocktails. His voice stretches out in sensual croaks and angry barks, seemingly all recorded inside a boiler room. Song titles like "I Just Killed A Cop Now I'm Horny" give an idea of where he's going with it all." -Kyle Kramer, Noisey

Lana Del Rabies is a solo rhythmic dark electronic music project. Lana's music references genres like noise, pop, industrial, witch house, darkwave and shoegaze, without outright adhering to any single musical movement. Her first release In The End I Am A Beast was released by Los Angeles based label Deathbomb Arc in 2016. 
Description of LDR by Deathbomb Arc:
"Producer and vocalist Lana Del Rabies combines beats, noise, synths and a passion for horror soundtracks into a futuristic brand of goth that still loves the technologically curious days of early death rock ala Tones On Tail and Cranes. Addressing the ever growing PTSD of American society, LDR is a dreamlike voice, at once conquering while still lost in the haze."

William Hutson is one third of clipping., along with fellow producer Jonathan Snipes and rapper Daveed Diggs. Diggs and Hutson met in grade school, and Hutson and Snipes were college roommates. The group began in 2009 as a remix project, with Hutson and Snipes taking a cappellas of mainstream rap artists and making power electronics and noise remixes of them to amuse themselves. Diggs joined in 2010 and began to write his own raps over their compositions. The group does not see their abrasive sound as a rejection of mainstream hip hop or reaction against it, but as part of a hip hop tradition including the likes of Dr. Dre and Public Enemy producers The Bomb Squad, who experimented with production and also used harsh, musique concrète-esque techniques in their music. Similarly, they think of themselves as a rap group rather than industrial-rap, noise-rap, or other mash-up genres.


Scrolls are Paloma Parfrey and Brian Miller.